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Finding Your Soulmate with SilverSingles

As a single over 50, it can be tricky to meet people outside of your social circle. That said, trying to find your soulmate is even harder. Dating with SilverSingles means that you’ll be joining a community designed with 50+ singles in mind, making it the ideal place to find a genuine and deep connection.

What is a soulmate anyway?

If you’ve already experienced a great love, the idea of finding another soulmate might seem improbable. But when you really sit down and think about it, what is a soulmate?

At its core, the idea of a soulmate is less about finding someone you have some sort of mystical connection; it’s got everything to do with finding a person you can bear your soul to and create memories with. If you disregard the gravitas that society places on finding “the one” and focus on what makes you happy, the search to find your soulmate will be less an Everest-esque undertaking and more a fulfilling adventure.

Of course, there are ways to make finding your soulmate an easier process, and SilverSingles is one of them. Rather than spending time searching through individual member profiles, our clever matchmaking system does the hard work and finds 3 – 7 compatible matches for you every day. Sounds good, right?

More fun than anticipated: Finding your soulmates as an over 50

While the path to love may be winding, dating in your 50s and beyond is a very different journey to dating in your 20s and 30s – and it can actually be much more fun! Searching for a partner when you were younger meant dealing with expectations and societal pressure, including probing questions about marriage, children and all the rest of it. By the time you reach your 50s, these questions have been answered, and your next search for love can be dictated purely by what you want.

With SilverSingles’ thorough personality test and matchmaking algorithm, we’re ready to help you in finding your soulmate. The test gives you the opportunity to provide us with an overall picture of your personality, as well as your values interests and criteria for a future partner. This is your space to tell us anything you think may be relevant for matchmaking and it’s a good idea to set aside some time to complete it. After you’ve submitted your answers our matchmaking algorithm will work its magic and introduce you to other over 50s you likely click with.

So, who are the types of people that we’ll introduce you to? Well, that varies! Our members come from all different backgrounds and from all over the country. But while our members are an assorted bunch, you can be sure of two things – they’re all over 50 and they’re all searching for a real connection. At SilverSingles, we take your security and safety seriously. That’s why you can be sure that the profiles you see are all there for the right reasons.

Soulmate signs: how will I know?

Once the matchmaking begins you’ll need to keep the forward momentum by sparking up some conversation. Later you’ll also need to see if that connection translates with an in-person meeting. So how will you know if a match has the potential to be a soulmate? Here are some tell-tale soulmate signs to keep an eye out for.

Someone you truly get on with

It might seem obvious, but a soulmate must be a person you genuinely get along with. Don’t fall into the trap of fudging your beliefs or views to fit with someone else’s. While stifling your true feelings and opinions might be easy in the early stages, eventually, the truth will get out, and your personal differences will be clear.

Your real soulmate will be someone you have the same values as. Perhaps you share common experiences or find yourselves at the same stage in life. However, while it’s important to be on the same page for many things, don’t worry if you don’t agree on absolutely everything. Being soulmates doesn’t stop you from disagreeing – just as long as the things you disagree on aren’t deal breakers.

Someone You Think About Even When You’re Apart

It’s one thing to have a great first impression on a date, but you’ll know things are extra serious if you find your thoughts circling back to your match even when you’re apart. From wondering what they’re doing to wanting to share something that happened during your day, these moments show your lives are becoming enmeshed and are tell-tale signs that you could be soulmates.

Someone Who Makes You Feel Safe and Secure

Having a soulmate means having a solid team of two and, regardless of gender, they should make you feel safe. Not only does this mean feeling protected from the world, but also safe around your partner. A soulmate is someone who lifts you up and makes you feel good about yourself, rather than someone who runs you down and makes you feel bad.

These are just some of the signs that indicate that you may have found your soulmate, but before all that you’ll need to meet your match first! If you’ve been asking yourself “when will I meet my soulmate?” you’re probably ready for SilverSingles to get you on the journey to finding your soulmate. Register with us now and start receiving compatible profiles today.

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