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Romantic date ideas

20 Fun and Romantic Date Ideas for Over Fifties

When you’re planning a date, whether it’s a first date or a wedding anniversary, you want to make it special. SilverSingles has put together a definitive list of romantic date ideas to get you inspired and fall in love! From classic to creative, and a few unique date ideas, we have something for everyone! Here are 20 great romantic date ideas for over 50s, and for anyone who wants to sweep a special someone off their feet!

Romantic date ideas in the outdoors

When the sun is shining and the great outdoors beckon, fresh air is a natural romance booster! Being in the outdoors elevates excitement levels; whether you’re doing an activity to get your blood pumping or just enjoying the sunshine, it can be an excellent backdrop for romance.

1. The classic picnic

When it comes to classic romance, it’s hard to beat a beautifully laid out picnic. Choose a pretty picnic blanket, some delicious finger foods and a picturesque setting, with a nice bottle of bubbly, and you’re all set!

2. Go hiking

Doing an activity like hiking together is both fun and invigorating. It’s also exciting to discover new routes and adds an element of adventure. Agree to the appropriate level of difficulty for both of you, tie up your laces and go enjoy a beautiful landscape together.

3. Visit botanical gardens

Botanical gardens are usually easy to access and provide a lovely setting to have a gentle walk and discover leafy corners for a nice, romantic conversation. You get all the benefits of being in the outdoors within the confines and convenience of a city. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

4. Mini golf

Mini golf is entertaining and much quicker than an actual round of golf. It’s interactive, competitive and why not wager a bet on the who the winner will be! A fun date idea to get flirty!

5. Go biking

Cycling is not only a great form of exercise, it also provides a fantastic way to see a city, discover a new area or get out of town! Why not try a tandem bike to get the romance on the go!

Romantic date ideas for the evening

When you’re going out on a date in the evening, it’s tempting to turn to the stock standard restaurant option, but there are many other romantic date night ideas to choose from. Here are some unique date ideas to upgrade your date nights.

1. Take a cooking class

Instead of just going out for dinner, take a cooking class and make something tasty together! You get to learn how to create a new, delicious dish and bond over the experience. Learning together is also a great way to up the romance ante!

2. Star gaze

Stargazing is guaranteed to deliver one of the top romantic date night ideas! Make your way out to a point where there’s as little light pollution as possible, pack a blanket and pair of binoculars. Then it’s time to cuddle up under the night sky!

3. Splash out

If the occasion calls for it, there is no denying that decadent food served in a classy setting will always be a foolproof recipe for a romantic date idea. But if you’re going to go for a dinner date, do it in style and splurge on an excellent restaurant for special occasions.

4. Jazz it up

One of our favorite romantic date ideas is to go to a jazz club. What better way to get to know each other than to the soundtrack of some really great music. It also provides the perfect excuse to do a little dancing and test out your chemistry.

5. The drive in

A timeless date idea is the drive-in. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place that has a drive-in, go and make the most of it! Choose a timeless romance and watch a classic movie while getting cozy in the car.

Romantic date ideas for a first date

There are many different types of dates to go on and it can be tough to choose the best option for a first date. While you’re still in the early stages of getting to know a new person, classic date ideas can be the best option to start off a romance. Here are the best ones.

1. The coffee date

Meeting for a casual cup of coffee in a comfortable environment is a simple but charming date formula for good reason. It’s a low-pressure environment, isn’t too formal and doesn’t create a long time expectation.

2. Have brunch

If you want to keep things laid back, why not change up the time of day and meet for brunch. From the now iconic avocado toast to pancakes and coffee, enjoy the delights of breakfast food with love in the air.

3. Go to a gallery

If you’re looking for creative date ideas, why not go to an art gallery or museum together. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a shared interest or learn more about their passions.

4. Take a brewery tour or go wine tasting

Another favorite on the list of fun things to do on a date is to go to a brewery or vineyard. It’s a relaxed environment and a little wine tasting always goes a long way when breaking the ice!

5. Do a tour

Another way to inject the romance into your romantic date ideas is to take the pressure off and go on a guided tour. You can do a historical walking tour or be a tourist in your own city and see the sites. Going on a street art tour, or whichever topic piques your interest, is also good fun. Show off your curiosity and get on exploring.

Romantic date ideas to spice things up

Here’s our list of the most romantic date ideas with a twist, perfect for when you’re looking for a few fun date ideas to keep up your sleeve. If you want to surprise your partner or get the butterflies fluttering in a new relationship, try one of these delightful date options.

1. Watch a comedy show

Be selective in choosing a tasteful show that appeals to you and your partner’s sense of humor. Laughing together is a marvelous way to bond and triggers the release of endorphins, making it a fun, feel good date.

2. Go to an amusement park

Cemented by popular culture as one of the classic cute date ideas, go to a theme park and ride the Ferris wheel. Buy candy floss, win fluffy toys and eat hot dogs – it will leave you feeling like giggly teenagers all over again!

3. Take a class together

Doing a class together gives your romance an actual physical bolster and is an interesting and engaging date. Exposure to novel experiences stimulates the brain and releases dopamine, giving you both a natural boost. Take a pottery class, learn about oil painting, try out dance lessons, photography or even study a new language – the options are endless!

4. Play 36 questions

Research by Arthur Aron became famous in an New York Times article for the list of 36 questions that claim they can make anyone fall in love. This happens via the intimacy and personal connection invoked when answering them together. Here’s the list; buy a bottle of wine, answer them, and really get to know each other!

5. Go on a dessert date

For a sweet way to create the best fun dates for couples, go on a dessert date! Instead of eating a traditional meal, hop from place to place indulging in at least three different sweet treats for starters, main and dessert!

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